Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zsaleh & Jason

Here are pictures of the wedding at Wente Winery of some of the most fun people ever! Zsaleh wrote a wonderful Yelp review for us.  The truth is - I wish I could Yelp HER and her whole family! Also her wedding coordinator, Barbara Kweller! 

These photos come to us from the truly excellent photographer, Stephanie Secrest, and I thank her so much - they are beautiful!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yes, that would be me. Sorry. Here are some recent delightful projects - some involving flowers, some food, some both - so yes, brides -  you are in the right place, and so are you b'nai mitzvah families!

A few casual photos of Daena & Erich's wedding at Sutro Heights Park, SF, and their reception at The Green Room  (thank you Patrick!)

Simple, simple - like we gathered it while walking up the hill. That was the plan.

The tiniest crazy little orchids - chartreuse with eggplant purple polka dots! We could have gathered these while we were walking up the hill too - if we lived in Thailand.

Birch arch and smooth granite river rocks

Philadelphus (Mock Orange) on the birch arch. Seriously - in July.

Thank you Anna!

Head table - line-up of rocks, moss, flowers, candles

Square & round tables had callas, dahlias, orchids, rock, plums, grass etc.

AND NOW...Here is a little shot of Eli's bar mitzvah lunch featuring local produce, and by that I mean my back yard and the backyards of my friends as well as the farmers' market!

NEXT: Danit & Eitan get married at The Dunsmiur House in Oakland: Thank you photographer Jordan River for these preliminary photos! We'll see more later, but I'm so happy to have these right now!