Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Congratulations to Ben and his family - so nice to work with! We had forsythia branches all over the place along with other lovely yellow flowers. The delightful photographer Shoey Sindel is responsible for these pictures. If you've got good eyes, you might be able to see Jasmine Catering's menu - yum!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pink & Orange!

Here are a couple of photos (Nadine Samuels again) of Rachel's pink & orange extravaganza at Beth El last week. She picked out the color scheme herself, and I was so happy I had those crazy velour sticks in the perfect colors for the buffet table!

Here is Nadine Samuel's photo of the bimah arrangement for Jacob's Bar Mitzvah at Beth El a few weeks ago. Susan asked for muted colors with lots of green. I used 3 copper cube-shapes containers pushed together. When the service was over, we separated them and put them on different buffet tables.


Welcome everybody! I'm going to do this blog so that I have a place where all you B'nai Mitzvah families can see what I've been doing in the way of flowers and decorations. I'll be asking photographers for pictures, so you can see their work as well.