Thursday, August 11, 2011

Zsaleh & Jason

Here are pictures of the wedding at Wente Winery of some of the most fun people ever! Zsaleh wrote a wonderful Yelp review for us.  The truth is - I wish I could Yelp HER and her whole family! Also her wedding coordinator, Barbara Kweller! 

These photos come to us from the truly excellent photographer, Stephanie Secrest, and I thank her so much - they are beautiful!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yes, that would be me. Sorry. Here are some recent delightful projects - some involving flowers, some food, some both - so yes, brides -  you are in the right place, and so are you b'nai mitzvah families!

A few casual photos of Daena & Erich's wedding at Sutro Heights Park, SF, and their reception at The Green Room  (thank you Patrick!)

Simple, simple - like we gathered it while walking up the hill. That was the plan.

The tiniest crazy little orchids - chartreuse with eggplant purple polka dots! We could have gathered these while we were walking up the hill too - if we lived in Thailand.

Birch arch and smooth granite river rocks

Philadelphus (Mock Orange) on the birch arch. Seriously - in July.

Thank you Anna!

Head table - line-up of rocks, moss, flowers, candles

Square & round tables had callas, dahlias, orchids, rock, plums, grass etc.

AND NOW...Here is a little shot of Eli's bar mitzvah lunch featuring local produce, and by that I mean my back yard and the backyards of my friends as well as the farmers' market!

NEXT: Danit & Eitan get married at The Dunsmiur House in Oakland: Thank you photographer Jordan River for these preliminary photos! We'll see more later, but I'm so happy to have these right now!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Had a request for hummus pictures...

A potential client wanted to see some fancy hummus pictures. So - here are some.

Late summer, into autumn

Just a few random pictures from the late summer, Halloween, etc.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

More birch chuppah

Chuppah by Dan, photo by Laura Turbow

Yes - there WILL be more wedding photos coming - as soon as I learn how to use this new computer.

B'NAI MITZVAH FAMILIES! You DO have the right blog. Zuzu's Petals is all about floral design and catering. I just had some recent requests from some wedding folks for pictures.

Look at the older posts - there's lots of catering info in there!

Beautiful Pink Wedding

  • This wedding took place last month at the Dunsmuir House in Oakland. Flowers by Zuzu's Petals, of course, photography by Laura Turbow. Thanks to event planner Barbara Kweller, Dan (who built the beautiful birch chuppah), and all my great helpers!